KM Rehab Superstar

Ernesto Y. came to Kirkwood Manor from the hospital due to a fall which left her with a left hip fracture and left upper arm fracture. The impact of this accident was significant, leaving him from being independent and living at home to non-weight bearing on both his left leg and his left arm.

When Ernesto arrived at Kirkwood Manor, he could not put any weight through his left leg and through his left arm, which meant he was not able to walk, transfer independently, or use his arm for his normal daily activities – like dressing and eating. His balance and his muscle strength in both his leg and arm were severely impaired due to his fall; and along with other previous health issues, led to his inability to walk. Ernesto’s health issues required muscle strengthening, massage, electrical stimulation, and progressive range of motion to his leg and arm. He also required balance training, gait training, energy conservation training to prevent fatigue, and muscle endurance training. All of this was directed to assist him in increasing his independence with his activities – all within the scope of his Doctor’s protocol.

Ernesto began working diligently with Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy on a daily basis to increase his overall range of motion, muscle strength, static balance, muscle endurance, and independence. He was always motivated and ready to come to rehab with the goal of being able to go home and be with his wife. Ernesto made significant gains towards all of his therapy goals and is now walking with a rolling walker with stand by assist and has graduated from Kirkwood Manor inpatient rehab facility; he is presently continuing his therapy in Kirkwood Manors outpatient therapy program where he continues to improve his abilities and become more independent every day!

Ernesto worked very diligently with the Kirkwood Manor therapy team in his inpatient stay and his outpatient treatment and for that the therapy team feels blessed to work with someone who is so diligent in improving his abilities.

We are proud to announce, Ernesto Y. as our KM Rehab Superstar for the month for June 2019! His hard work and determination are inspiring to all of us!