KM Rehab Superstar

Julia T. came to Kirkwood Manor due to health issues which greatly affected the things she wanted to do each day – even just the basics such as dressing, walking, or leaving her home. She was faced with the possibility of losing her independence if she didn’t take actions to get stronger.

When Julia arrived at Kirkwood Manor she had difficulty keeping her balance, which impacted her ability to walk without physical assistance or complete her normal daily activities.

Julia’s health issues required assistance from the therapy staff to increase her muscle strength, improve her balance, strengthen her gait and her endurance, in order to gain back her independence. Once Julia began working with Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy on a daily basis, she quickly noticed an increase in her strength, balance, and ability to do things on her own. She also was focused on higher level of cognitive focus which helped her progress quicker in the other therapy areas. Julia was always motivated and eager to improve her capabilities and increase her independence during her daily treatments.

Julia has made significant gains towards all of her therapy goals and is now walking incredible distances with some independence, which allows her to perform her daily tasks much easier than being in her wheelchair.

Julia has worked hard every day with the Kirkwood Manor therapy team; and for that the therapy team is greatly thankful. We know Julia will continue to increase her abilities and is looking forward to being able to spend more time with her family and being on her own again.

We are proud to announce Julia T. as our KM Rehab Superstar for the month for November 2018! Her hard work and determination are inspiring to all of us!