It’s Almost Flu Season

Oct 7, 2019 — Flu shots are coming soon. Consent forms have been sent out to any responsible parties for new residents or for any residents who declined the vaccine last year. If you signed consent last year, it carries forward for this year. Please consider having your loved one vaccinated. Flu vaccines protect against the three or four... Read More

KM Rehab Superstar: Dorothy M.

Oct 7, 2019 — Dorothy M. came to Kirkwood Manor from the hospital due to a patella fracture that happened during a fall. The fracture required surgical repair, and she had to wear a brace that did not allow her to bend her knee. She went from living independently, with little to no outside help from others, to requiring... Read More

Resident of the Month: Long Term Unit: Ronald S.

Oct 7, 2019 — Our Long-Stay Resident of the Month is Ronald S. Born in Jackson, MS and raised in San Antonio, Ronald graduated from Texas A & M. He was a Colonel the Army and has an amazing resume: the 101st Screaming Eagles (Ft Campbell, KY); Airborne Rangers, Special Forces (Fort Brag, NC); flew medivac helicopters in Vietnam... Read More

Resident of the Month: Short term Unit: Marie G.

Oct 7, 2019 — Marie G. is our Short-Stay Resident of the Month. She was born in Adrian City, Michigan and raised in Michigan. She held various jobs; her favorite was doing housekeeping. She is involved in the Catholic Church and does volunteer work at her church. She has two sons, one grandson, two granddaughters, and four great-grandchildren. Her... Read More

October Chef Select

Oct 7, 2019 — Appetizer: Beer Cheese Soup with Saltine Crackers Entree: Bratwurst or Beef Sauerbraten Braised Red Cabbage Brown Sugar Spaetzle Rye Bread with Apple Butter Dessert: Apple Strudel with Caramel Sauce Milk Coffee Hot Tea

KM Rehab Superstar: Henry G.

Sep 3, 2019 — Henry G. came to Kirkwood Manor from the hospital due to several health issues including falls and a CVA, which greatly affected all of his daily living activities such as standing, walking, or leaving his home. When Henry arrived at Kirkwood Manor his balance was severely impaired, to the extent that it impacted his ability... Read More

Resident of the Month: Long Term Unit: Charlene H.

Sep 3, 2019 — Our Long-stay Resident of the Month is Charlene H. Born and raised in in Karnes City near Corpus Christi, Charlene graduated from Lee College. She was employed by the CEO of HEB (Howard Butt – now passed) as his executive secretary for many years. I bet she could tell some interesting stories about that! She... Read More

Resident of the Month: Short Term Unit: Barbara H.

Sep 3, 2019 — Barbara H. is our Short-stay Resident of the Month. She was born in Corpus Christi and raised in San Antonio. She attended San Antonio College and was a daycare teacher. She has always loved working with children. She is involved in the Catholic church as well as the San Jose Mission – which is known... Read More

Volunteer of the Month

Sep 3, 2019 — Our VOM is Milton P. Stephens, VFW Chaplain of Post 7110. Born in Homosassa Florida, he was raised in the Tampa Florida area. He attended Texas Bible College in Houston and was in the Army – actually serving in Vietnam during that war. (Thank you for your service!) Active in several churches, he and wife... Read More

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

Sep 3, 2019 — Happy Birthday Residents! Mary A. William S. Fred D. Sofia D. Theresa D. Feddie F. Phyllis F. Gail G. Ronald H. Raymond K. Lola M. Karen M. Geneva M. Joseph M. Richard P. Jimmie R. Lucille S. Betty S. Barbara W. Donnie W. Happy Birthday Staff! Pamela S. Aarin T. Kathleen F. Christine B. Kristina... Read More